What's in a typical edition of the Magazine?

Unicorn Diary and Club Index
Each issue contains our comprehensive Unicorn Diary, which lists meeting nights and booked guests or activity details for regular clubs throughout the quarter. We also compile an up-to-date Club Index for those clubs in the Diary, which gives details of club locations and a contact name and telephone number.

If you're visiting a club for the first time, it's wise to contact the organiser to check that the details are still correct, and to get instructions on how to find the club!

To get your club featured in the Unicorn Diary contact us now. The cost – only £13.00 per quarter, which gives you FREE entry in the Club Index, plus a supply of magazines for your members.

We welcome brief news items and details of future events for this page of snippets of information. We regularly comb other publications for news relevant to this area – but you may know of lots of things happening that we don't. Anything connected with local folk song and dance – send it in! Email is easiest, if you have it, or phone us, or post it in. It's free!

Club Focus
In each issue we pass on news from the clubs in our 'Club Focus' feature. We print news about new clubs, changes to venues, meeting nights, or contact telephone numbers.

Many clubs are involved in extra activities, and we will pass on details of these on this page. If your club has any information to publicise, or any changes to the club itself that your audience ought to know about, let us have that information now.

To get your club mentioned in 'Club Focus', contact us!

Shall We Dance...?
We have found that Chatterbox was becoming full of social dances and therefore have set aside a separate page for them. If you’d like your dance published in the list please contact us with the details, a contact name and telephone number. At present this is a free service… Because of space limitations we cannot guarantee inclusion of all your dances but we will do our best.

Music and song sessions are rapidly increasing in popularity. There are many different types, most of them held regularly. We try to mention every session we know about, but they are a bit ephemeral and often stop, start or change venue at very short notice. Many sessions are run without a recognised contact, but if we have contact information, we will try to print a telephone number, space willing. If you are planning to visit a session for the first time, be prepared to find that it has stopped, or moved to a new location.

Our current Sessions Diary (with contact phone numbers) contains details of loads of them in this area over the next three months. You will be assured of a warm welcome, and a good session will encourage you to join in, whatever your abilities. It's a great way to try out new-found skills, and learn a new song or tune.

Session Organisers – contact us and let us know your latest details, and we will publicise them for you. This is currently a FREE service! Please send us details for each issue of the magazine as we require confirmation from organisers before we publish details.

We review only albums or books by local artistes – those generally working, living in or based in the Unicorn region. We use a panel of reviewers to ensure an unbiased, fair assessment of your work. We cannot guarantee insertion of a review in any particular issue. Please send us your CD, tape or publication, together with some brief biographical details, and information covering the product's availability and price (including postage if applicable).

We are also keen for reviews of local gigs, festivals, instuments – anything that might be interesting or relevant to our readership.

If you are not sure if you qualify for a review, give us a call, we will try to be flexible. Please don't send us unsolicited reviews of your favourite artiste's work, particularly if it falls outside the categories listed above. Better still, ring us first to discuss what you'd like to do. We will consider any contribution if it meets our guidelines.

We welcome articles provided by our readers, on any subject relating to the folk world. Call us for advice if you have written, or would like to write for Unicorn magazine, either on a one-off basis or something more regular. Please keep articles to a maximum of 700 words (less if you wish to include an illustration). We can also accept photos and illustrations as part of an article.

Please note that we cannot accept articles that are a substitute for an advertisement – in all cases, we reserve the right to accept or reject articles, and to shorten or amend as necessary.

We also encourage local artistes, song- or tune-writers to let us publish their work. If you wish to see your song, tune or dance in print, please contact us. We prefer camera-ready copy, but we can now set your hand-written music notation for you. Please include brief biographical details to let our readers know a little about you.

We cannot be responsible, however, for manuscripts lost or mislaid in the post. If you would like your work returned, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope of a suitable size.