Advert templates

To help you produce your adverts at the correct size, with the correct bleed, safe areas etc, we have prepared a set of pre-formatted templates in a variety of common software formats. Simply click any of the links below to download them.

For a full explanation of the UM reference numbers (and how these relates to each ad size and shape), please see our Media Pack – you can download a PDF of this here or click on the thumbnail opposite.

We have Zipped all the files (.zip) for ease of download and to prevent any possible corruption – unzippers / expanders are free available from the web (but contact us at any time if you have problems / want an un-zipped version)

If you have any technical queries re the production of your advert, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will be adding to the lsit of formats over time, but contact us if there is a format you need creating immediately >>

If using Word to create your advert, please save and send the file as a PDF (do not send the Word document itself). Please also remember to remove the background template from your design!